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Philosophy on Photography : A child's dream of becoming a photographer, a childhood hobby, everything turned him into an avid photographer. The thirst for capturing a whole story in a single frame; portraying a clear picture of the emotions, joy, enthusiasm, overwhelming expression, sometimes apathy, deep disgrace, being lost in one's own vast mind, all just in a rectangular frame with no sound, still crying out loudly or telling subtly the true meaning of it; and sometimes a series of frames, depicting the various aspects of a social cause stating the untold story behind them; that’s what you'll find in Asis's photos. And that's what photography is to Asis. No selected person or place; just some random people in some random state of mind and place, and a simple picture or a series of them, revealing all the deepest unspoken mysteries.

Info : Asis is a self-taught photographer. Photography was not his profession but a passion since school days, which ultimately turned into an obsession as a result of which he took voluntary retirement from his Bank’s service in December, 2000. He has had no formal education in photography. However, he attended two National Geographic Photography Workshops under Mark Thiessen and Jim Richardson at Santa Fe, USA and at San Miguel de Allende, Mexico respectively in 2008 as a part of his Grand Award in Intercontinental Insights Photo Contest, 2007. Being sponsored, he also attended another photography workshop in LOOK3 Photo Festival, 2008 in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA under David Alan Harvey.

He used to participate in different photographic salons and competitions both national and international since 2003 and in the process won numerous awards and exhibited in many countries. Till date, the most significant award he won is the Grand Award in Intercontinental Insights Photo Contest, 2007 organised internationally by National Geographic Society, NGTI Ltd and Intercontinental Hotels Group plc, London. He also won 2nd Award (Merit of Excellence) in Nature category of the International Colour Awards, 2007 and 2nd Award (Merit of Excellence) in People category of the Black And White Spider Awards, 2008. He won two Nomination Awards in Humanity Photo Awards, 2009 organised by China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) and UNESCO and won the ‘World of Difference’ category award in International Environmental Photographer of the Year (EPOTY), 2009 of CIWEM, U.K. In 2009 he also won an award of Best Portfolio in All India Photography Competition organised by State Lalit Kala Akademi, U.P. In Better Photography Photographer of the Year, 2009 he was the winner in ‘Man and his environment’ category. Two portfolios of his work were nominated to the prestigious ‘Prix Pictet’ Swiss Award, 2009 on Earth. In Feb. 2011, he won the KODAK-Better Photography Golden Roll Award, 2010. In ‘2010 WPGA Annual Pollux Awards’, he won two First prizes in ‘People-Single image’ category and ‘Portrait-Single image’ category. The latest significant awards he won are one second prize and two third prizes in ‘Zoom in on Poverty Photo Contest’ organized internationally by UNDP and Xinhua News Agency, China in October, 2011. The other significant aspects are participation in the photography exhibition ‘Click! Contemporary Photography in India’ organized by the renowned Vadehra Art Gallery simultaneously in New Delhi, India and London in February—March, 2008. And participation in ‘Snapshot’ photography exhibition organised by Indian Contemporary in Hongkong during November, 2010. 

In September, 2013, Asis conducted a two-day workshop on Street Photography in Kolkata. He along with two other photographers also gave training in photography to inmates of ‘Anand Bhavan’ a ‘Home’ in Howrah run by a Spanish NGO for four months (Sept.’13 to Jan,’14).

At present he lives in the City of Joy, Kolkata with his wife and only son.

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